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Festival Coordinator 
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Datum: 30.06.2021
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AnalogDream eV 
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AnalogDream e.V. operates at the intersection of contemporary art and engineering, focussing our diverse range of skills and expertise on exploring how both fields can mutually enhance the capabilities of the other. Bringing together painters, coders, dancers, engineers, audio artists and filmmakers to pose a myriad of urgent questions through both the artwork we produce and the means by which we produce it.

AnalogDream e.V. strives to utilise technology to empower both its members and its audiences. Distinct to our work, each performance makes use of various AI sensory hardware that we are continually developing to expand the ways in which our artwork can be displayed and interacted with. On a thematic level, our work investigates the ways in which we endure, but may also overcome, the intertwined violence of gender, religion and shame inflicted onto our bodies as they exist within contemporary Western societies governed by such structural forces.

Through the combination of our minds, talent and creativity we hope to sublimate humanity, its diversity and its vulnerability through our artwork. Ultimately, we seek to materialise a vision of society where humanity transcends its current afflictions to become more honest, genuine, and present acceptance as the new valuta.

Work Culture

Based in Berlin, we have embraced remote working with our team distributed across several countries within the western world such as Denmark, Portugal, Mexico, Germany, and Austria to name a few. We’re a diverse team of art, technology, engineering, and business professionals combining visual art, performance, and technology to produce immersive and interactive artistic experiences for both public and private presentation.

We implement structures to give interns the opportunity to develop their professional skills and potential through direct training and giving them real-world responsibilities and deliverables. Our goal is to give interns the chance to gain insight into the needs and processes required to produce original artwork from the creative process, production and its many necessary business facets to carry it through to execution.

All teammates are key players with real responsibilities contributing to the strength, longevity, resilience and growth of the association. You’ll be a core member of the internal team, working directly with the Business Development Officer, Artistic Directors, Artist Coordinator and our affiliated partners in a start-up environment where your opinions, insight, and experience will be highly valued. You’ll be given artistic license to structure the festival’s schedule, order-of-operations, and layout to determine the best strategy for execution to turn our vision into reality.
Beschreibung der Tätigkeit:
AnalogDream e.V. is offering one Festival Coordinator position to a fluent German and English speaker. You will be working with various departments setting up work management structures, procedures and processes, allocating role responsibilities and connecting various departments to process marketing, fundraising, production, logistics, and potentially art sales.

- Being the lead point of contact for all festival-related activities to coordinate the operational elements for delivering the festival portfolio to ensure they are delivered to scope, on time and under budget.
- Liaising with Business Development Officer and Fundraising Specialist to ensure the festival’s partners and sponsors are looked after.
- Liaising with the venue Rudersdorf Museumspark and rave organisers Ritter Butzke to ensure the venues are prepared for the festival. Includes the creation and distribution of necessary documents, creating an inventory of necessary materials, and setting up an on-site office in the provided spaces by the museums.
- Coordinating special events.
- Planning, identifying appropriate resources and requirements, research, budgeting, scheduling and coordinating resources, keeping costs up to date and creating appropriate documentation.
- Coordinate with the museum’s volunteer coordinator to recruit, train, station, and manage the festival’s volunteer force.
- Coordinate the programming of attractions, performances, creative entertainment, and interactive areas.
- Preparation of event documentation, plans, collation of production information, managing contact and supplier databases, tracking and managing information for accreditation and passes, event contact lists, guests list and so on.
- Creating and following procedures for purchases and invoices.
- Keeping a running tally on ticket sales, purchases and invoicing to keep festival budgets up to date.
- Helping where needed throughout the Festival – “On the ground” project management, including coordinating multiple events, staff, and volunteers.
- Helping the Fundraising Officer to organize sponsors, vendors, and assist with grant writing.
- Assisting the Communications Officer with writing and sending thank you’s for artists, donors, and sponsors.
- Ensuring the accuracy of project data in internal tools and systems.
- Track and measure festival performance to identify areas for improvement, specifically analyzing the successful completion of short and long-term goals and make adjustments as needed.
- Report and escalate to Business Development Officer as needed.
- Capture learning to feed forward into future engagements to further reduce risk and increase project delivery success.
Beschreibung der Anforderung:
- Fluent written and verbal communication in English and German.
- Has the authority to work in Germany.
- Familiarity with project management software tools, methodologies, and best practices (Google Suite, Asana, Trello or Monday.com., etc.).
- A proactive, fully engaged, and accountable approach to tasks and goals.
- Proven ability to complete projects within deadlines - independently and as a team player.
- Effective, clear, and consistent leader and collaborator.
- Previous experience with festival coordination, events / process / production management, or similar fields.
- Proven ability for multitasking in a deadline-driven environment, and completing projects within deadlines independently and as a team player.
- Process-driven with extraordinary organisation and impeccable attention to detail while keeping an understanding of the big picture in mind.
- Strong initiative, able to excel in a fast-paced environment, with the capacity to happily pivot/adapt to changes as projects evolve and priorities quickly change as opportunities.
- Comfortable working with a wide range of people – from technical engineers, art curators, grant representatives, writers, operations, and the wider business.
- The ability to work sensitively with individuals, groups and stakeholders to build healthy and productive relationships.
- Demonstrable ability to deliver high quality work consistently.

Personal Attributes
- Communicates honestly, openly and consistently.
- A proactive self-starter, innovative problem-solver, values integrity, and accountable approach to tasks, goals, and responsibilities.
- Remains motivated and enthusiastic in the face of challenges.
- Adopts a flexible, adaptable approach to tasks and relationships.
- Is positive and resilient, with an entrepreneurial mindset.
- Has a commitment to equality, inclusivity and diversity.
- Is an honest and direct communicator with the internal team, with the capacity to receive constructive criticism effectively.
Nice to Have
- Familiarity or proficiency with French or Spanish.
- Experience in the arts and culture sector (visual, performance, music, etc.).
- Academic or professional experience in public or commercial fine art.
- Project Management Professional (PMP/PMO) / PRINCE II certification - or equivalent.
- Experience with client or stakeholder relations.

To apply please submit your CV, cover letter, and any relevant previous work or links to a portfolio.

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100% Homeoffice möglich
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PLZ: 10559
Ort: Berlin
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Name: Jessica (Business Development Officer)
Email: contact@analogdream.io
Website: www.analogdream.io
Instagram: @analogdream_
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