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Künstlerische Tätigkeit:

Alexandra Pâzgu
is a Romanian born dramaturg, writer and researcher interested in structures and concepts that emerge in collective projects of performative theater. She has been working in international contexts and projects in Romania, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Austria, Luxembourg and Germany.
In 2014 she has been granted the DAAD Scholarship For Young Researchers and is currently conducting her doctoral research on dramaturgy as thinking at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen (coord. Prof. Dr. Bojana Kunst). Here, she is also teaching the seminar „Concepts at work”. Since 2012 she enrolled in a PhD at the Theatre and Television Faculty, the Babe?-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. Since 2009 she has lectured seminars on theatre theory at the Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu.
She graduated from the Dramatic Writing Master at the University of Arts in Tg. Mure? with honours. Her play, “In the Air”, has been awarded Play of the Year in 2011 and “The H(eden) Garden” won The Best Collective Production and The Best Show at the Young Actor’s Gala, in Mangalia, 2011, the text was also nominated for the Irish Embassy Award. Her latest text, „Alone”, is part of the collective production „Why don’t we do it in the street”, directed by Neil LaBute, currently playing at the Act Theatre, in Bucharest.
She is a frequent collaborator of the International Theatre Festival, Sibiu (2014, organizer of the first national workshop on theatre critique), she is writing reviews on contemporary art events and performative theatre; works also as a translator („The Stone” Marius von Mayenburg, “Godspell” Tabelak).

Preise & Auszeichnungen:
Das Stück des Jahres, "IN THE AIR", Zeitgenösisches Theater Festival, Timi?oara, 2011
Beste Produktion, "The H(eden)Garden", POSDRU Projekt, Tg, Mure?, 2011
Bestes Spektacel, "The H(eden)Garden", Rumänisches Theater Verein, (UNITER), Mangalia, 2011
Nomination "Irish Embassy Award" 2011


Aesthetics and Theories of the Arts, Presentation, Angewandte Philosophie , Cluj-Napoca, 2014
Campusfestival, Sommerschule, Ruhrtriennale, 2014
Supervising Artistic Research, Konf. Academy of Fine Arts, Wien, 2013
Soziale Intervention durch Performance, Theater und Film Fakultät, Cluj-Napoca, 2013
The Writer’s Studio, kreatives Schreiben, Amsterdam, 2012
Masterclass Theatre, Politics, Resistance, Dries Verhoeven, Theatre Studies, Utrecht Univ., 2012
Theater Stücke schreiben, Saviana St?nescu, International Theatre Festival, Sibiu, 2011
Playwriting workshop with residents from the Lark Theatre in NY, Târgu Mure?, 2010
"Why don`t we do it in the street", author of "ALONE", directed by Neil LaBute, The International Theatre Festival, Sibiu, 2014- currently playing at Act Theatre, Bucharest
"Cities on Stage", dir. Armel Roussel, writer, National Theatre, Bruxelles, 2013
"Gel", dir. Odile Vanstenwinckle, dramaturgy, Theatre Marni, Bruxelles, 2008
"Urfaust", dir. Ingrid Gündisch, assistant and translator, National Theatre, Sibiu, 2004